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How does
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If you want to sharpen your preaching and platform communication skills, you can purchase the online course which features 10 master classes. This covers all aspects of platform communication including preaching. In addition, you can purchase 2 one hour coaching sessions with Steve or Rachel so you can grow as a communicator.

Course features:

Preparing & delivering sermons

Beginning, structuring and ending messages

Building confidence on the platform

How to interpret the Bible

Online communication

10 hours of content

120+ pages of notes

Pay monthly
Access 1 video per month



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One off payment
Access all available content immediately.
(sessions 7-10 for each topic will be available by 10th July)



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Accelerate 04 PLUS pay monthly
This option adds 2 Sessions 1-1 with S&R to the above



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This option adds 2 Sessions 1-1 with S&R to the above, but with instant access to all available online content



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“Steve and Rachel are stand out leaders and Church builders. They’re not only committed to giving you practical tools to help you build the local church, but also to the health and well-being of you and your family, through mentoring and coaching. With their unique communication skills, whether it’s one-on-one, or an arena of thousands, they have an incredible way of connecting with everyone.”

— Jon Norman
Senior Pastor, Soul Church

“Our relationship at Ikon Church with Steve & Rachel has proven invaluable over the last couple of years. Due to their experience and unique gifts, they have provided a level of insight, wisdom and advice that has helped to lift our ministry significantly in many areas. Steve’s coaching is one of the most valuable things I have experienced in over 30 years of ministry.”

— Paul Benger
Senior Pastor of Ikon Church

“Working with Steve and Rachel has been an absolute delight! They are experienced, insightful, wise master builders who understand how to build church in the 21st century. It’s a rare find to meet people who combine faith and love for God’s people as much as these two. A gift to the church and such fun to work with!”

— Steve and Angie Campbell
Senior Pastors, The C3 Church Cambridge

“Through Rachel’s leadership and ability to see and draw out the potential in others. I have grown in self confidence, improved my communication skills and learned practical steps on how to lead with influence and authority.”

— Gillian McBride
One Church, Scotland

“Steve and Rachel Mawston are gifted teachers and mentors. They will inspire you to pursue the calling of Christ Jesus for your life. Steve and Rachel Mawston are gifted teachers and mentors with many years of experience. Their straightforward approach will inspire you to pursue the calling of Christ Jesus for your life.”

— Neil Cameron
Apex Church, Peterhead
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